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Selling on the internet since 1996

About Us

EBW Coin is a privately owned and operated company. We have been selling on the internet since 1996, well before the .com boom and the word eBay was a household name.

We offer a private office to discuss your numismatic holdings without being interupted. Since we do not have a store, we can offer you the best price around, whether selling your collection to us in our office, or buying from us online.

We try to bring you the "meat and potatoes" collectible coins at wholesale prices. We seldom make alot of money on a single coin, we'd rather sell 10 coins a day for a $10 profit than 1 coin for a $100 profit. If you are looking for something special, please do not hesitate to email us your want list.

You can find us at all the local shows, we are always buying and trading so please stop by and say hello.


(Note, EBW Coin does not have a show room, no coins are kept on premises and we do not sell out of our office, only by mail order. You can arrange to pick up and view coins at the local shows. All our coins are kept in bank vaults.)


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